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The SDM Way

SDM is more than injection molding, we are quickly becoming the supply chain leader within our industry. With a focus on the ever growing medical molding market, we will continue to pioneer and innovate. Our team is comprised of confident and competent employees that are true leaders, empowered by a deeply held conviction that the "SDM Way" will support the future growth of our company. We are creating a new industry standard; The "SDM Standard" for injection molding.

"Is This the right Thing to Do?"


In every facet and aspect of our business we ask this simple question. What is right for our customers, right for our vendors, right for our employees and right for our company? We are guided by a deep rooted sense of integrity and directed by religiously based morals. We understand that many of our products can and do directly impact people's lives and we take this charge seriously. We sum up our values in three simple words…

Honesty....Responsibility and Dependability